Call to Action for Jersey Water Works Members

Help elevate your work, and the collaborative’s work, by announcing commitment, or a new initiative or project, at the third annual Jersey Water Works Conference.

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Building off of the momentum we started last year, let’s put our voices together to show leaders around the state the continued importance of our water infrastructure to our future.

At the third annual Jersey Water Works Conference, please join with other members to announce a “commitment” that you or your organization is undertaking, so we can build on the momentum we’ve started together. Commitments should be new projects, programs or resources which help advance the goals of Jersey Water Works and have yet to be announced publicly. Commitments can either be completed by the event or can be accomplished within next year. We’ll compile all the commitments into a single list, so everyone will know the breadth and depth of Jersey Water Works members’ dedication to the issue of water infrastructure in the state.

Need an example of the power of commitments? Check out the commitments made last year by Jersey Water Works members. Federal and state agencies, private business, local utilities, municipalities, practitioners, and environmental organizations announced 33 new efforts and commitments to accelerate water innovation in the United States.  Let’s see what we can do this year!

Getting Started:

Here are some questions that may help you brainstorm what you could announce.

  1. What are you working on already? Do you have a work item, report or milestone that you’ve been working on that will be ready to announce on Dec. 1?
  2. What are you planning to do next year? Is your organization launching a new program, conducting a new research project or investing in water infrastructure upgrades in the next year?
  3. What more could you be doing? How could you take your organization’s water infrastructure work to the next level by planning a new investment, project, or initiative that can be launched at the conference?

The announcement of commitments is a great platform to allow members to reach a multi-sector audience of almost 2,000 leaders through the Jersey Water Works network working at the local, state and national level in water infrastructure.

Commitment Tiers and Benefits

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